Colby Blackwell – Tandem Kayak Fishing

Colby Blackwell – Tandem Kayak Fishing

”I Love to Fish” and I’m a multi species fisherman but I’m drawn to BIG fish and offshore kayak fishing.  I enjoy the different variety of fishing offshore, you never know what you are going to catch such as Amberjack, Tuna, Shark, King Mackerel, Snapper, Bonita, Grouper, Redfish, Sailfish and others. To catch this wide variety of fish I carry multiple rods (sabiki, jigging, inshore, offshore, trolling, surf) when I travel. The best way I have found to transport and protect my rods is with #RodRunner carriers and rod racks!  

A couple of the largest catches on the Yak are a 182.5 lb Yellow Fin Tuna on a 50W reel out of Venice, LA. He took us on a sleigh ride of over 2.5 miles at top speeds of 4.5 knots for 1 ½ hrs. before we landed it. Also, I landed an estimated 11-12ft , 500 lb shark using 30 lb mono and a small talica 12ii reel. Hooked him at 145 ft and he towed us for 2 hrs. to a depth of 350 ft before we landed and released him.

Kayak fishing is intense you must be patient, technical, physically fit and a multi-tasker to be a good kayak fisherman. There are so many things happening on a kayak all at once, such as paddling, steering, balancing, gaffing, watching out for boats, all while trying to catch and reel in a fish.  Also, not to mention that your sitting down, closer to the water, at the mercy of the current which makes it all more exciting.   All these factors require a different approach than angling from a boat.  I love testing my skills and ability against big predator fish in their habitat.

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